Tarih: 23 Nisan 2022

Gösterim: 67

Our Rector Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özdemir's Message for the 7th Anniversary of Our University


The fact that our University, which was established 7 years ago on April 23, 2015 and started its educational activities with the slogan of "Bridge to the Future", was founded on April 23, when the Turkish Grand National Assembly was opened and celebrated as the National Sovereignty and Children's Day, makes our founding day even more meaningful.

Our young people are the guarantee of our future, the hope of our tomorrow. Our University, which makes a great contribution to the education and cultural life of our city, as well as to the industry, economy, health, sports and social life, has determined the "YOU BE HOPE" inspired by the Bandırma Ferry, whose only load is hope, which carries this hope to the whole country and has become the symbol of hope. With its motto of education, it raises generations that will be hope for humanity. Being hope requires more than mere knowledge. Being hope requires having an important background. Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, a young, dynamic and new generation state university, built on 28 years of experience and experience and celebrating its 7th anniversary today, will be the "HOPE" for our country with its growing and developing academic and administrative staff since its establishment. signing the works.

As of today, our university continues its educational activities with a total of 827 personnel and approximately 18,000 students, 538 of whom are academic and 289 of whom are working in administrative staff (excluding those whose appointment procedures are still ongoing). Until now, approximately 100 personnel and 2.000-2500 students have joined our university every year and will continue to do so.

Our University, which continues its educational activities in 10 campuses in 5 districts (Bandırma, Gönen, Erdek, Manyas and Susurluk), has 10 faculties, 9 Vocational Schools and 4 Institutes, with a total of 150 departments, 100 of which are associate degree and undergraduate and 50 graduate. and educational activities continue in the program. This number is expected to reach 160 by September. Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Faculty of Health Sciences, Faculty of Maritime, Ömer Seyfettin Faculty of Applied Sciences, Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences, Faculty of Sport Sciences, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Islamic Sciences. 10 faculties; Bandırma Vocational School, Gönen Vocational School, Manyas Vocational School, Erdek Vocational School, Susurluk Vocational School, Health Services Vocational School, Justice Vocational School, Maritime Vocational School and Bandırma OSB Technical Sciences Vocational School; In addition, we have 4 institutes that provide postgraduate education: Institute of Social Sciences, Institute of Health Sciences, Institute of Science and Technology and Gönen Geothermal Institute. On the other hand, we have 2 departments within the School of Foreign Languages ​​and the Rectorate.

Our university continues its education and training activities at an international level with its experienced, young and dynamic academic staff, research-based, applied and high technology supported education model in the innovative departments and programs it has opened by focusing on the changing needs in our country and in the world.

Universities have three traditional missions: education, basic scientific research and community service. In addition to its educational activities, our university makes great efforts to realize its other two missions at the highest level. Accordingly, there are 19 practice and research centers under the roof of our University. These are: Intelligent Transportation Systems Application and Research Center (BAUSMER), Career Development Application and Research Center (BANÜ-KAGEM), Continuing Education Application and Research Center (BANÜ-SEM), Turkish and Foreign Language Teaching Application and Research Center (BANÜ-TÖMER). ), Science and Technology Application and Research Center (BANÜ-BİTEM), Distance Education Application and Research Center (BANÜ-UZEM), Child Education Application and Research Center (BANÜ-ÇOCUK UNIVERSITY), Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation Application and Research Center (BANÜ). -FTR), Boron Technologies Application and Research Center (BANÜ-BORTAM), Economic and Social Research Application and Research Center (BANÜ-ESAM), Mediterranean Policy Application and Research Center (BANÜ-APAM), Computer Application and Research Center (BANÜ- BUAM), Foreign Trade and Logistics Application and Research Center (BANÜ-DTLM), E-Sports and Economy Application and Research Center (BANÜ-E-SPOR), Women, Family and Community Services Application and Research Center (BANÜ-KAT), Migration and Poverty Studies Application and Research Center (BANÜ-GÖÇ), Healthy Nutrition and Life Application and Research Center (BANÜ-SABESYA), History, Culture and Art Application and Research Center (BANÜ-TAKSAM), and Social Policies Application and Research Center (BANÜ). -SPAR). Basic scientific researches are carried out both by these centers and institutes, faculties and vocational schools, and on the other hand, studies for the benefit of society are carried out.